How To Turn A Man On: 2 Proven Ways To Turn A Man On
By Michael Lee

There are various ways on how to turn a man on. A lot of people would think that a couple could only achieve intimacy through sex. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While this could help you establish a close bond with your man, there is much more in your relationship that you should focus on. In fact, if you ask most people (including married couples), you'll often get the response that romance starts before sexual intimacy.

The form of communication and how you handle yourself are starting line-ups for successful pursuits on how to turn a man on.

1) Know Yourself

To romance your man successfully, you need to connect and bond with your partner. And to do that, you'll need to know yourself from top to bottom.

What are your qualities and traits that might be seductive to the man you want to romance? Asking yourself such question and answering it in your mind assertively will help you pull out inner characteristics that could turn your man on.

2) Use Flirting Body Language

While smiling, focus your eyes on his, and give him a seductive look. Glance away for a few seconds, and then look at him passionately again.

Here's how to turn a man on if you have long hair - do the hair flip. Some suggest that this move displays your feminine side and captures a man's attention.

You may also lightly touch him on the shoulder, arms or hands while talking with him. Just do it in a spontaneous, non-aggressive manner.

Another way is using the "shoe dangle" technique. You cross your legs and dangle your shoe in one foot. This subconsciously communicates openness and playfulness.

Certain actions may produce different results, so if you want to know how to turn a man on easily, observe which moves have hit right home so you can repeat them in your next encounters.

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